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Who Teaches Copyright?

Just this past week I was reading an article in Create magazine about licensing music. It was a reminder of copyrights and the various licenses that you might need to purchase to use someone’s work… Performance Rights, Synchronization, and the like. Later that evening I was in my normal spot for a Friday night, on […]

We All Own Our Copyrights

This is getting ridiculous. I’ve heard it now from Leo and the others on This Week in Tech, Emory and Alex on This Week In Media, and now even the Buzz Out Loud crew. Almost every time they get to talking about Google’s purchase of YouTube and the ever-present possibility of video-hosting sites being sued, […]

Sudents’ Work is Copyrighted Too

Well this this is interesting: Students Rebel Against Database Designed to Thwart Plagiarists [Washington Post]. My son’s high school also uses this program; his World Literature teacher told us about it last week. Any typed paper the students turn in must first be submitted to the TurnItIn service, which compares it to other works to […]

Tying the Hands that Pay You

Copyright expert Silver tells me that DRM (Digital Rights Management) isn’t a problem for people. Well, ok. Most of the time. Except when Jenny can’t watch her movie. Except when Mike has trouble reading his e-books. Except when a member of Switchfoot has to tell fans how to listen to the Switchfoot CD they bought. […]

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