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Google Music All Access Radio Stations

I’ve been giving Google’s streaming-music, the somewhat awkwardly-named Google Music All Access service, a try ever since the announcement at IO. For the most part I like it, and I’ll likely move to it full-time (especially given the news of an iOS app soon), though I haven’t really figured out the dual nature of it, […]

IMAP Comes to Gmail

“Whether you read or write your email on your phone or on your desktop, changes you make to Gmail will be seen from anywhere you access your inbox.” [What’s new on Gmail?] Plenty of you use client email applications on your home computers with Gmail — Apple’s Mail, Microsoft’s Mail or Outlook Express, Mozilla’s Thunderbird, […]

Connect America – Slowly and in a Non-Neutral Way?

This is scary-interesting, if accurate. From David Weinberger’s post The best Internet candidate, the best Internet non-candidate, the best Internet spouse, and the worst Internet candidate: Hillary Clinton’s ‘Innovation Agenda’ … Notice what’s missing? That’s right, net neutrality. And here’s a tip as to what she’s really planning… Establish a national broadband strategy called Connect […]

Online Organizational Tools

I’ve moved most of my personal “PIM stuff” online this weekend. I had been a bit frustrated lately, organizationally and technologically. I had been “living” on my PowerBook, using OS X’s mail client, address book and calendaring program. They’re great, especially as integrated with each other as they are, but they do all live in one […]

Why Facebook?

Rob’s yawning over FaceBook and asks “What does it offer over LinkedIn?” They’ve got different purposes, that’s for sure. LinkedIn is great for professional appearance and job networking. I don’t think I’d try to find contacts through FaceBook for a new job. FaceBook, for me, is a fun way to connect with people, much less […]

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