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When Chrome Auto-Updates

Using Selenium Webdriver or similar frameworks to “drive” a browser, usually for UI or end-to-end test automation, you may occasionally get this message: session not created: This version of ChromeDriver only supports Chrome version 83 (SessionNotCreated) Exception doesn’t have a stacktrace This means that, perhaps without you even realizing it, an update to Chrome has […]

Michael Vore

Michael “Mike” Vore, 80, of Columbia, Maryland, succumbed to cancer at Johns Hopkins Hospital on February 11, 2020. He is survived by his son Steven (Hilary), Grandsons James (Tory) and Robert (Brooke), two great-grandsons, his sisters Anita (Bob) and Kathie and brother Don (Kathy). Mike was born in the Chicago area to Milton and Rita […]

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