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Gorillas and Cows

At last night’s meetup of the Software Testing Club Atlanta, John Stevenson hosted a workshop on Creative and Critical Thinking. John had a lot of good information for us, had us play games, and fostered a lot of good discussion. One of the discussions circled around the topics of information overload and Alan Page‘s favorite […]

Experience, Learning, or Tips?

Two items, next to each other in my newsreader today, struck me as somehow connected. Part of a Vanity fair article pointed to by Ernie the Attorney… “You spent seven years learning every little nuance of the fishing trade before you were granted the gift of learning from this great captain?” I ask. “Yes.” “And even then […]

Have a Refreshing Weekend

It’s time to take a full three day weekend. I know my buddy Allen is, his email’s already responding that he won’t be back until Tuesday and I know he means it – and he’s out of cell range, high in the mountains for the weekend. I don’t have plans quite so grand, but I’m […]

On Writing

Manager Tools podcast: Write More Effectively. If you were reading email, and every paragraph were written like that, you could read the first sentence of every paragraph and be done. [via Mike McBride] See also Air University Review’s An Effective Writing Formula for Unsure Writers, Army’s Effective Writing Tips.

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