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Gorillas and Cows

At last night’s meetup of the Software Testing Club Atlanta, John Stevenson hosted a workshop on Creative and Critical Thinking. John had a lot of good information for us, had us play games, and fostered a lot of good discussion. One of the discussions circled around the topics of information overload and Alan Page‘s favorite […]

It’s Time to Share What You’ve Learned

Adam Goucher posted this last week on Twitter: I think it’s certainly worth considering – I mean, how’s the old saying go, something about learning something new every day? In our day and age, and especially in the software development arena in which I work, there’s always something new going on, a new challenge to […]

Knowledge, Marketing and Blogs, Oh My

It’s been a while since I last wrote about knowledge and the sharing thereof, but a few things have been bouncing around my mind recently. Jon Udell and Marty Collins were just discussing the relationship between blogs and technical marketing, and in there they talk about giving away knowledge to inform customers and help them […]

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