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The Cost of Viewing

Ignoring the almost-religious-fervor format war for a moment, Sean does the math involved in buying into either HD-DVD or Blu-Ray. [Y]ou can buy the average BD player and zero movies, or get an HD DVD player and over four and a half years of NetFlix HD rentals at the same price. If I were getting […]

Widescreen, Letterbox, etc.

It’s all about square pegs and round – whoops, I mean rectangular holes. If you’ve got a friend or relative who still just doens’t get the whole widescreen / letterbox / pan-and-scan thing, despite you waving your hands and drawing pictures on napkins, here’s a great resource: Stop by VideoGrunt and have them watch episodes […]


Yesterday on TWIT: Vista ship dates, Windows Genuine disadvantage, and why Google will never buy YouTube. [emphasis mine] Today’s press release, from Google buys YouTube. John C. Dvorak has a cow, Film at 11 (or earlier if you check the website, of course) Purely by coincidence, as they were posting their press release, I […]

A Few Short Videos

The principal of the local high school, where my son’s in the marching band, is working with various groups — the teams, cheerleaders, and marching band — to try to make the fan experience at sporting events a more enjoyable and exciting one. The band’s got a new pre-game show, working in conjunction with the […]

Why Buy Last Decade’s Tech?

Over on Blather de la semaine, Geren’s writing about buying a new TV. He writes all about the various formats of HD, but then finally ends with this recommendation: …look for sets that are SDTV with an ATSC tuner, and know that you’ll have a set that will continue to work for years to come. […]

iPhoto and iDVD for Slideshows

One of the local high schools’ lacrosse program had their annual post-season banquet last night, and it included some of my photography. I’d stopped by one game back in February at the request of one of their coaches, my friend Peter. I took and edited some pictures, posted them on my photography site, and was […]

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