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On Mobile Browsing

I’m on the road today, riding along and catching up on my reading – news, blog posts and the like. I’m using a Cingular 8525 running Windows Mobile, which is a lot better than nothing but it’s a long way from an optimal browsing experience. For exmple I’ve been trying to get a message to […]

Talk About Value, not Technology

Jon Udell, in Talking to everyone, asks How do you talk to everyone about the transformative benefits of the technologies we’re so excited about, in ways that don’t make people flip the bozo switch and tune you out? How do you tell stories that make the benefits of the technology come alive for people, in […]

The Net’s Not Free Here

I’m in Dallas Texas this week. — where everything’s bigger. The weather’s great, the food’s tasty, and things are going pretty smoothly at my customer’s site. But either I’m spoiled or I don’t properly appreciate the economic differences between hotels here and those in Columbus GA. Over the past 8 weeks or so I’ve spent […]

Dinner With John Porcaro

I had dinner last night with John Porcaro. Good time, great conversation. It’s refreshing to talk with someone who “gets” Doc & the Cluetrain, Clayton Christensen, Purple Cows & Re-invent! (unlike anyone in the groups I have to deal with at work, most of who’ve not even heard of ’em) and is struggling with some […]


Still using Internet Explorer and tired of being taken off to when you mis-type a URL? That’s easily changed. Start IE. From the View menu, select Explorer Bar > Search. Click the Change Preferences link. (if steps 3 and 4 don’t quite look like your system, look for a [Customize] button at the top […]

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