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On Mobile Browsing

I’m on the road today, riding along and catching up on my reading – news, blog posts and the like. I’m using a Cingular 8525 running Windows Mobile, which is a lot better than nothing but it’s a long way from an optimal browsing experience.

For exmple I’ve been trying to get a message to Thomas Hawk for the past couple of days but he doesn’t seem to be seeing my posts on Twitter or Zooomr’s Zipline.

I figured I’d get to him on his blog, via a comment on his post about Flickr, and this ‘mobile’ version of the browser lets me fill in the comment form completely… But the button to actually post won’t work. Arrgh! As Michael would say, paraphrasing a Seinfeld episode, “it’s not enough to take the comment, you’ve got to post the comment.”

The mobile browser’s also going a bit overboard on security; I’ve tried to get onto Twitter but can’t because it’s login & password-reset forms won’t work for me — the browser’s disabled them. There’s an option to show or hide warnings on pages that are ‘blocked by security settings.’ There’s just no way to see what the settings are, though, or to change them. Double-Arrgh!

My blog’s WordPress posting screen doesn’t look right on this device either – the text fields are all one character wide, so I’m typing into a ‘notepad’ app and then pastinginto the browser.

And now gmail refuses to send any mail for me… man is this becoming a frustrating ride, technology-wise anyway.

But hey, at least I can post to flickr from the phone via a non-gmail account. :)

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