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An Orton Barn

I know I’ve made images of this barn before; as I passed it today I figured I’d get a fresh one and try that Orton thing that Geren mentioned. The instructions he points to really lightened up the image, so I backed it off a little and had to play with the transparency to get […]

Flickr Updated

Flickr’s gone gamma. New features and all that jazz. Ok, so I’m a couple of days behind. Sorry ’bout that. If you only ever go straight to your photos and contacts, it’s easy to miss their news, but it’s there.

iPhoto and iDVD for Slideshows

One of the local high schools’ lacrosse program had their annual post-season banquet last night, and it included some of my photography. I’d stopped by one game back in February at the request of one of their coaches, my friend Peter. I took and edited some pictures, posted them on my photography site, and was […]

Restoring Old Photos

I decided to pull a few old snapshots out of the photo album just to see how much I could do to restore them. I’m no photo restoration expert, so if you’ve got pointers please pass them along. I started by scanning a photo on my HP PhotoSmart 2570. This is a photo of me […]

Resolutions and Goals

A Photo Every Day – that’s what I set the goal at about a month ago. The real goal, of course, is not to have 365 useless images at the end of the year. It’s to improve as a photographer through practice and feedback. I’ve missed a couple of days, but I’m sticking with it. […]

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