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Mid-Day Camera Photos

Today I was in downtown Atlanta — at the courthouse for my turn in the Jury Duty box, actually — and during lunch I was thinking it’d be nice if I had my camera with me… when I realized that I did, in a way.

My new phone (at what point is it a smart phone vs. a phone-enabled PDA?) has a 2MP camera built in. So… here are some sample pictures, all taken and then immediately uploaded to my flickr account via email straight from the phone. (As usual, click on any of them to see a larger version.)

The Hardest Workin' Gal
Miss Sylvia, the hardest_workin’ gal at Johnny Rocket’s. Taken with a Cingular 8525 ‘smartphone’ during a Jury Duty lunchbreak, Atlanta GA.

Atlanta Underground Fountain
The fountain at lunchtime, between Atlanta’s ‘Underground’ eating & shopping area and The World of Coke.

CameraPhone Pano
It even does panoramas, having you take three pictures and stitching them together. Here’s the scene from floor 7 of the Fulton County Courthouse.

It doesn’t take the greatest pictures in the world, and it’s pano stitching certainly doesn’t rival PhotoShop CS2 or other “real” applications, but it’s not too terrible for a device that’s almost always in my pocket anyway.

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  1. (at what point is it a smart phone vs. a phone-enabled PDA?)

    It’s all in the display. If it’s got a touch-sensitive display, it’s a phone-enabled PDA. If you can only use the various buttons to communicate with it, it’s a smart phone. The camera looks really pretty decent — a lot better than the one that’s in my phone.

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