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Armada M700 Battery Problems

Wowzers, here’s something unusual! I’m at Starbucks this morning, which isn’t really all that strange. The bizarre part is that I’ve got wireless access and a live laptop. This is a four year-old Compaq laptop; I’ve replaced the batteries more times than I can count (I think laptop vendors count on selling batteries, like Gillette […]

OS X Hints for Windows Users

Ok, I’ve got some answers to some Mac questions that were bothering me. We can just make today Mac OS X Hints for Windows Users day, perhaps the first of several. Is there a way to lock the desktop? When I leave my desk, I’m supposed to lock the system – Control-Alt-Delete, then Lock Computer […]

Cheap Backup

I do fairly regular backups from my server to tape, but I normally carry around most of my documents on my laptop as well. Copying them to the server is a pain, since many of them havn’t changed and the Windows GUI doesn’t have an easy way to copy just the updated ones (and please […]

Disabling CD AutoPlay

Scott asked me the other day how to keep Windows XP from playing his CDs right away. CD AutoPlay, which tries to let you listen to or otherwise use your discs as soon as they’re mounted, is nice if you like it (like I do), but I guess it can be pretty annoying if you […]

Moving Data to a New System

Ok, I’m mostly back now. I got a new hard disk and have moved everything (I think) over successfully. Windows XP’s file and settings transfer wizard worked pretty well, there were just a few settings that it missed. Most notably the settings for Outlook 2003. I’d say it was 90% successful, which is a lot […]

What Time Is It, Redux

Last summer, I wrote about keeping Windows XP’s clock in synch with other systems on your network and with the “real world.” Here’s a tidbit on a simliar topic. Network administrators who have Unix, Linux or other systems on their networks are often asked about NTP – Network Time Protocol. If you’re using Windows Server […]

Internet Explorer Satus Bar

Would someone please help me find the setting to turn IE6‘s View->Status Bar on by default? HKEY_Current_User\\Software\\Microsoft\\Internet Explorer\Main\Show_StatusBar is already set to yes but that doesn’t make a difference for new windows. [later: a solution from stef in comments: “Open up My computer. View -> Status bar Tools -> Folder Options Under the View tab, […]

Backup Early, Backup Often

Jonny started searching and realized that he already has a backup program for Windows XP. Now, he asks, what are all these options and what should I do with them? Backing up your data files is important, and for some people so is saving space. The backup program here is giving you the option to […]

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