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Comparing Operating Systems

OS X vs. Windows XP. Now there’s a debate that normally spirals quickly out of control. “You get more viruses.” “You don’t have any games.” “You’re harder to use.” “You cost more.” “Your feet smell.” “Your mother wears combat boots.” Fortunately, this site doesn’t go that way, and is surprisingly fair and balanced. They did […]

Microsoft Security Updates, But Not By Email

From: Microsoft Public Support Subject: Latest Microsoft Security Patch Microsoft Customer, this is the latest version of security update, the “August 2006, Cumulative Patch” update which fixes all known security vulnerabilities… Please don’t fall for this. Microsoft DOES NOT send software updates out via email, certainly not a broadcast email. Synamtec’s anti-virus software found that […]

Windows Vista, OS X

The guys over at have noticed that Windows Vista looks a lot like Mac OS X. That doesn’t really come as much of a surprise, the way that software (in the larger, general sense) evolves; vendors see what works for other companies, “borrow” or “steal” (depending on your point of view) from each other […]

Windows On Mac-on-Intel, Revisited

January 12: “Will we be able to run Windows on an Intel Mac?” Today’s news: Apple Senior Software Architect Cameron Esfahani when asked whether Intel Macs should easily run Vista, replied “I don’t think so.” Windows is a legacy OS. We don’t have legacy support. Note the use of the word “easily.” [later] never underestimate […]

Windows On Mac-on-Intel

Ever since Steve Jobs announced that they’d be moving to Intel chips, one of the major questions on people’s minds (well, geeks’ minds) has been “Will we be able to run Windows on an Intel Mac?” The Apple party line at MacWorld seems to be “we won’t support that” – which is completely fair and […]

What’s In A Name?

Oh Crikey. In December ’02 Scott Hanselman realized that MSN Messenger 5.0 wasn’t an upgrade to Windows Messenger 4.7. No, it was a different product that did mostly the same thing. Was Microsoft changing the name and bringing out a new, improved product? No, they now had two instant messaging clients. Now he finds that […]

Drive Safely

Sept ’03: “I’ve never seen Microsoft send patches out to everyone via e-mail… learn more about how you can help protect your computer.” Mitch Tulloch: Is This Security Alert Really from Microsoft? Of course, not every email that arrives in your inbox and purports to be from Microsoft is actually from Microsoft. The bottom line […]

Watch It Anyway

Jon Udell: “I suspect few outside the geek community read those postings or “got it” if they did.” I agree that a single password used everywhere is A Bad Thing, and this is a reasonable solution to the problem. I’m not sure how many “outside the geek community” are going to get past the ‘bookmarklet’ […]

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