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Windows On Mac-on-Intel

Ever since Steve Jobs announced that they’d be moving to Intel chips, one of the major questions on people’s minds (well, geeks’ minds) has been “Will we be able to run Windows on an Intel Mac?”

The Apple party line at MacWorld seems to be “we won’t support that” – which is completely fair and understandable, I think – and folks such as Geren have found articles that seem to indicate that it could be possible. I think the money quote comes from Apple’s VP of Marketing, Phil Schiller.

That doesn’t preclude someone from running it on a Mac. They probably will, we won’t do anything to preclude that.

Of course, he doesn’t say they’ll do anything to make it easy, either.

A dual-bootable MacBook though, that’d be pretty damn tough to beat. Let’s see now, I wonder if a 100Gb drive be large enough…

[later] Sam points out in comments that Windows XP won’t run boot on the new Intel Macs, we’ll have to wait until Vista.

[even later] has instructions that might work. Or might not, according to

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