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What Time Is It, Redux

Last summer, I wrote about keeping Windows XP’s clock in synch with other systems on your network and with the “real world.” Here’s a tidbit on a simliar topic.

Network administrators who have Unix, Linux or other systems on their networks are often asked about NTP – Network Time Protocol. If you’re using Windows Server 2000 (or, I presume 2003), you can have good news for your users without spending money or scrounging the net … you’ve already got the software you need. Before you do this, though be sure to understand NTP Etiquette.

Start up regedit add a DWORD entry named LocalNTP to
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SYSTEM\\CurrentControlSet\\Services\\W32Time\\Parameters, set it to 1 to enable and restart the server so the change takes effect. Easy. #include standard_registry_disclaimer

I’d like to think this setting is exposed through a UI element somewhere in the control panel or an MMC snap-in, but I havn’t found it yet (if you see it, please let us know). See also John Savill’s FAQ which makes it look like you can use the net time command.

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