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Cheap Backup

I do fairly regular backups from my server to tape, but I normally carry around most of my documents on my laptop as well. Copying them to the server is a pain, since many of them havn’t changed and the Windows GUI doesn’t have an easy way to copy just the updated ones (and please don’t suggest the briefcase, I never have been happy with that). So here’s what I do use, that old favorite – XCOPY


cd "\documents and settings"\\vore\\"My Documents"
net use y: \\\\\myShare
xcopy .\\*.* Y:\\docs\\ /exclude:exclude.txt /y /d /s

/y keeps me from being bothered with any prompts
/d means ‘newer files only’
/s has it traverse subdirectories
/exclude has xcopy read a file, in my case called exclude.txt. That file has lines that keep this job from copying any music (why oh why is “My Music” inside the “My Documents” folder?) or pictures.



Open a command prompt (Start->Run->CMD) and type XCOPY /? to see all the options.

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