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Look Ma - No Hands!

A Clean PC is a Happy PC.

While you’re waiting for the shuttle launch, which apparently now won’t happen until at least Friday morning, take a few minutes to save yourself some time and frustration – go through Tweak3D’ Windows XP 15 Minute Tune-Up:

Don’t throw out that old PC yet!

A fine-tuned Windows XP PC can run quite fast even it’s seriously lacking in the memory and CPU department. Before you chuck out your PC to buy a new one, try stripping some of the rust that’s built-up over the years; the results may surprise you.

The first step – before you even start to clean the crud from your system – is to make sure your processor’s got enough room to do it’s work for you. Stop by and run their memory advisor tool. Get that memory ordered and on it’s way while you’re going through the rest of the PC cleanup.

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