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Look Ma - No Hands!


Those of you who’s cable or satellite operator has seen fit to include NASA TV in your channel lineup – or who happen to live close enough to the Kennedy Space Center, of course – can watch a shuttle launch this afternoon. According to NASA’s website,

thumnail photo of a shuttle launching

STS-115 will deliver a truss and other key components during the Space Shuttle Program’s 19th mission to the International Space Station.
Launch Time: 12:29 p.m. [EDT]

Those of us in the Atlanta area who get our service via Comcast as part of their standard channel lineup, even though we used to get NASA TV, can instead watch the launch via the ‘net.

However you are able, do try to get away from whatever you’re doing today and watch. Having seen a shuttle launch from as close as anyone can get I can tell you that it’s a truely impressive event, and one that doesn’t happen all that often.

[edit] from the NASA site: “The launch of Space Shuttle Atlantis was postponed today for at least 24 hours due to a problem that occurred Tuesday night during the activation of one of the shuttle’s three electricity-producing fuel cells.” So if you think you missed the launch, keep an eye on that site for a new time to be announced.

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