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STS-115 Watch

Launch Blog:

9:38 a.m. – The “go” was given by launch control to close and seal the orbiter’s hatch.

Shuttle info:

Sept. 8, 10:05 a.m. EDT
The hatch into Atlantis’ crew cabin has been locked and sealed for flight following the seating of all six STS-115 astronauts inside the ship. The crew members continue to flip switches and power up the orbiter’s systems as the countdown to an 11:41 a.m. launch marches on.picture of shuttle on the pad waiting to launch.

Me, 10:55am edt watching via NASA TV on the Net:

NASA’a launch team just went into a “24 Hour Scrub Turnaround” due to a failure of a sensor after fuel-load. That fuel will be removed from the craft and they’ll try again tomorrow. Preferred launch time will be 11:15am EDT.

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