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This is a reconstruction of a post from my first blog,, with text pulled from The Wayback Machine.

Posted by Steven, 3/4/00 at 7:26:36 AM.

Professor Hernandez is at KarateWorks of Roswell today; adult session 12:20-2:30.

Today’s AJC column by Furman Bisher takes a look into the furor surrounding John Rocker and, more importantly, our reaction to his “comments”.

In the meantime, work continues in the efforts to aid those in Mozambique.

My 9 year-old has discovered the fun of strategy gaming with Age of Empires.

David Thornburg on using computers to aid teachers. “..This does not mean, however, that any program filled with rich media elements is automatically valuable. Our task in education is to engage, not entertain, the learner.” Hmm… content more important than flash, perhaps?

Hey, today’s Word.Of.The.Day is none other than “Mickey Mouse”!

MSN seems to have some columnists who don’t quite agree, at lest until you read a little deeper. Kate Chase appears to be saying not to upgrade to Windows 2000, while Jason Anderson argues for the upgrade. What do I think? I think I’ll wait until after I finish my interoperability thoughts column. :-)

Meanwhile, in the Linux camp, David Spector continues his series on Network Analysis tools.

And yes, Michael, there is a tool to compile that Perl utility we just wrote. perlman:perlfaq3 suggests that doing so isn’t worthwhile, but for situations where users have their own systems (common in the Windows world) and don’t want to install Perl, this may be a good way to distribute your utilities.

The good folks over at have set up a way to automate creation of two-way-links by looking at weblogs. Cool, huh?

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