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This is a reconstruction of a post from my first blog,, with text pulled from The Wayback Machine.

Posted by Steven, 3/6/00 at 5:21:41 AM.

M.Miller says that Mozilla is getting close enough to “soup” to actually try.

Troop 69’ers, remember that elections will be held at tonight’s meeting.

Words from Professor Hernandez to think about: “We need to practice out-of-control as well as practicing in-control.” He was speaking of martial arts, but does this apply to other aspects of our lives as well?

Similarly, at our dojo, we practice Karate and Ju-Jitsu. Professor Hernandez was teaching Chinese arts. Is the crossover worthwhile? You better believe it. Now, apply that to the “other” side of our lives – would a little bit of NT knowledge hurt those in the Linux camp? How ’bout some Linux experience for your MCSE’s? Do you think that one tool can truly “do it all” or would your shop be a better place if it were more well-rounded? Click on the skull and let me know what you think.

“computers possess the truly profound stupidity of the inanimate” — Bruce Sterling

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