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Thunderbird, by Jack McDevitt

Thunderbird, by Jack McDermittA “stargate” type portal is found in North Dakota, opening to various worlds and… other places.

How far will we reach, who gets to explore, and how to handle the expected / anticipated / feared Contact With Others — those are a few of the questions explored in Jack McDermitt’s novel “Thunderbird.”

There were a few places where I found the story to be a bit disjointed, as we jump between different characters and situations pretty frequently. It also it felt as though I’d stepped into a story already in progress, as there was very little of the backstory of just how the portal was found (more on that later). Nonetheless, I enjoyed this book quite a bit.

It was especially good to see non-“traditional” treatment of Sioux and EuroAnglo characters working together without it being a big deal; the differences and conflicts that existed felt natural, organic and not overplayed. The federal government stayed out if things a bit more than believable, but hey that’s why they call it fiction :)

After reading this novel, as I was entering it into Goodreads (a site which I recommend for anyone who’s “serious” about tracking and/or sharing the books they read), I realized that this was actually the second in a series of books. “Thunderbird” is a sequel to “Ancient Shores,” wherein I suppose I’ll get the backstory I was looking for. You should probably start there.

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