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Look Ma - No Hands!

A Good Morning

My wife and I had plans to see Avengers:Age of Ultron this morning; we’d had pre-purchased tickets at our local cinema, reserved seating and all.Captain America When we arrived, though, and were picking up our tickets, we changed our mind.

At the next window were a man and his little boy. The man was trying to buy two tickets, but all that was left were two seats apart from each other, both in the very front row. Same a the next showing a few hours later. And the showing after that. They turned away from the ticket window and started to walk away. The man was trying to explain, and the boy just kept asking “why do we have to find a different theater?”

Hilary and I looked at each other, knowing that all the other theaters would be just as sold out this weekend, and didn’t even have to say anything. We just turned to the man and gave him our tickets and told the boy to have fun.

It was the right thing to do. We can get tickets for another showing sometime. Besides, it’s what Captain America would have done.

NoxWe had a good morning anyway, without Cappy, Widow and the rest – we went home and got Nox, walked to the library and around the Alpharetta Farmer’s Market, had a good lunch in the sunshine and found a 15th Anniversary Geocache too.

It’s a beautiful day — in Georgia, anyway — get out and enjoy it!

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