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Photo Tag-O-Rama

I participate in two online motorcycling communities, and Sport-Touring.Net. Many riders on ADV have begun “Tag-O-Rama” or “Photo Tag” games, in which a rider posts a photo of their motorbike in some particular location, along with a few clues, and others try to figure out where it is. The first person to find the location, take a similar photo of their bike there, and post it to the forum gets to pick the next place. And on it goes. It’s all about getting out and riding, finding different roads to travel and new places to go.

So last week, about the same time I’m buying my new motorcycle, in an Atlanta Metro Area Tag-O-Rama, this one gets posted:

Jenna's tag– A lookout of a different kind. “Just in case of fire” was probably written somewhere on it.
– It and the surrounding area was built around 1895.
– It and the surrounding area shares the same name as the family that constructed it way back then.
This “tower” is off a road named after a very colorful bird.

With a little help from Google, I pondered the clues last night and thought I had the rough area figured out, and so I set the alarm a little earlier than I normally would for a Sunday morning. I poked around the Vinings area, staying along the river, and sure enough there it was.

Whittier Mill Park

Whittier Cotton Mill and Village

Btw, if you’re a rider in the Atlanta area, here’s what I posted as the next tag.

the tag I posted for others to find

– Annually, this city and this organization host a parade to honor those who have served in years past.
– On the grounds owned by this organization are both relics to remind and boys of summer.

If you’d like to participate, come join in the forum and have fun.

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