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Back In The Saddle Again, Again

Last year I got back into motorcycling after a 14-year hiatus, on a 1994 BMW R11RS. That was a great machine, and I enjoyed riding it quite a bit. Unfortunately, I don’t really know how the bike was ridden or serviced over those years (and 63,000 miles); the gearbox and clutch system turned out to need a lot of work — more than the bike was worth. The good news is that last month I was able to sell the BMW to a gentleman who has time, energy, money and ambition for a project. That, however, left me once again without a motorcycle.

Today I rectified that situation.

my and my new motorcycle
Thanks to Jim for the photo.

Thanks to the good folks at Moto 400, I’m now the happy owner of a 2008 Yamaha FZ6. It’s still practically brand-new, though nicely broken-in with 4k on the odometer and a few months left on the factory warranty. The previous owner had given it a few upgrades, then at his 4,000 mile service let himself be talked into a larger bike. I hope he’s happy with his ride, I’m happy that he chose to leave the FZ6 for me.


  1. Sweet looking ride! Here’s to hoping it will give you many trouble-free miles of smiles!

  2. Hey Steven,

    Great looking bike! I’ve been wanting a bike for a while now, hopefully I’ll get one at some point in the near future, but I’m not going to hold my breath. :-)

    Enjoy, it looks like it’ll be a lot of fun!

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