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Look Ma - No Hands!


  1. If you’re relying on GPS built into your camera, then you’re going to get the location where you stood to take the picture.

    But I think that the geotag should be of the subject of the photo.

    Think of it this way: how often do you ask yourself the question, “Show me all the photos that were taken by someone standing at location x.y”? Instead, you look for pictures that are taken *of* the location x.y.

  2. I always use the coordinates of where I was when I captured the image. To me, it is the important piece of information to describe the prospective of the image itself.

    I may ultimately look for images of say Mt. Rainier, but it would never be a search for a specific coordinate of the mountain itself, but rather, a general search for a vicinity surrounding a coordinate or a completely different method of search, such as by tags other than a geotag.

  3. I’ve been designing my MySql database of my pictures. One field I’ve been considering adding is a geolocation field. And was just thinking of the same question. My ideas include not only the two locations but also adding in a direction and distance. Consider my photo of the Cunningham Cabin, How would I “tag” (locate) that one? The location of the cabin – which is only feet from where I was taking the picture, or of Grand Teton in the background?

    A location itself is only part of the “vector”. A direction is important, and distance but to a lesser extent. Now form my shot of Mt Hood, I will have to find the curve on the road using GoogleEarth to get a close guess as to where I was.

    For the comment readers,, is where I’m referring to.

  4. I’ll use the location of where I am when I batch process the pictures using wwmx or locr, but if I’m geotagging manually in google earth or something then I’ll try to do where I was standing but if it’s not obvious then I’ll use the location of what I was taking a picture of, but I think it’s better to use where you were if at all possible.

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