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Fifteen Books to Jump-Start 2007

Tim Sanders, author of the excellent books Love Is The Killer App and The Likability Factor, suggests a few books for us to read in the upcoming year. It looks like a good list to me, most were already on my to-read soon list. In addition, here are some from my book list that I recommend:

  • Love is the Killer App, by the aforementioned Tim Sanders.
  • The Victorian Internet, by Tom Standage. A very interesting look at a technological communications revolution which in many ways was a pre-cursor to the recent and current Internet-fueled changes.
  • The World is Flat, by Thomas L. Friedman. I can’t recommend this book strongly enough, for adults currently in the workplace but even more for college- and high school-age students who will be in the workplace of tomorrow.
  • Going Live: Getting the News Right in a Real-Time, Online World, by Philip Seib. An in-depth look at the impact of always-on news reporting on “real” journalism.
  • Everything Bad is Good For You, by Stephen Johnson. A controversial and thought-provoking assertion that popular culture, including video games and television programming, is more intellectually challenging than typically though and may even be helping society become smarter.

So there you have it, fifteen (10 on Tim’s list, 5 on mine) books. That should be enough to keep you busy through the first quarter, and just might educate and inspire you throughout 2007.

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