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What can be said about Today that hasn’t already been said?

This is a reconstruction of a post from my first blog,, with text pulled from The Wayback Machine.

Posted by Steven, 3/2/00 at 5:05:08 AM.

So, I’m a day late in mentioning the 10th anniversary of the Secret Service raid on Steve Jackson Games – I’m sorry. But at least I spent last night reading Bruce Sterling’s account of 1990.

“According to a 1999 national survey sponsored by the National Sleep Foundation, 40% of adults say that they are so sleepy during the day that it interferes with their daily activities.” (CBS HealthWatch) Maybe that explaines these pages? “Exercising in the afternoon is more likely to lead to nighttime sleep” – so those Karate sessions should help.

You have heard that Atlanta’s Hartsfield Airport is now officially the busiest, right? More passengers, more flights, more operations. And a higher average flight-delay than O’Hare.

Speaking of Atlanta, if you’re in the area on Saturday, March 18th, be sure to stop by the Atlanta Area Council’s Scout Show. Downtown, at the Georgia World Congress Center. Come see what the area’s scouts are up to.

Only eight days left until Family Lego Build Night!

And here’s the story I mentioned yesterday about the Angry Moose,

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