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Nerdy guy, pretty girl, obnoxious parents, fast cars, hidden government organizations, chase scenes, giant robots, explosions… good times. Fun movie. Just make sure you see it in a theater where the projector’s in focus and the sound system doesn’t keep skipping. Truly, there’s less and less compelling me to spend money on such a mediocre […]


My wife and I, along with our sons and their girlfriends, went to see The Bourne Ultimatum tonight. It was a good flick, a fun story, a satisfying ending to the trilogy. The camerawork and editing were way too jumpy, though perhaps that was magnified by the fact that the only seats open for us […]

Don’t Show the Video

For whatever it’s worth, I completely agree with Tim Sanders’ Don’t make killers rock stars [part 1] & [part 2]. Sports directors have long ago gotten smart enough to not show streakers or other fans who jump onto the field, knowing that the reason they do it is to get attention. Once the TV stations […]

Dead Like Live TV

Today my wife and I finished watching the final episodes from the second season of Dead Like Me. The final episodes ever, as only two seasons were ever produced. I seem to have quite a knack for finding – and enjoying – quirky series’ that have already been cancelled. Dead Like Me. Carnivàle. Firefly. I […]

Al Pacino, Inside the Actor’s Studio

When watching movies on DVD, I really like the “extras,” the looks behind the scene and the interviews with actors, directors and writers. Likewise, one of the non-fiction shows I enjoy is Inside The Actor’s Studio, getting a look into the actors’ lives. Today I was watching an interview with Al Pacino, of The Godfather […]

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