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Dead Like Live TV

Today my wife and I finished watching the final episodes from the second season of Dead Like Me. The final episodes ever, as only two seasons were ever produced. I seem to have quite a knack for finding – and enjoying – quirky series’ that have already been cancelled. Dead Like Me. Carnivàle. Firefly. I even started enjoying the original Star Trek after it’d been cancelled and brought back in syndication.

These days I’m not as interested in syndication as I am in DVD releases and Internet distribution. it’s all much more convenient that way, watching on our own schedule. it’s much more enjoyable to watch through a season or two in a few weeks than it is to have to wait through months and months as shows’ network schedulers allow it to dribble out of their clogged pipes (or is it “tubes?”).

Anyway, I recommend Dead Like Me. It’s a good story, with humor and depth. There are still some unanswered questions but on the whole it had as good a season ending as might have been asked for.

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