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Gears of War – Working Together

I know, I know – I decided on Splinter Cell:Double Agent over Gears of War and other games. But this past week I rented and as my XBox 360’s Blog points out I’ve been playing Gears of War with my sons and online friends, and I’m impressed. Graphics, story, music and sounds, and especially the […]

Gaming Decision Made

I made my decision. Between Splinter Cell:Double Agent, Rainbow 6 Vegas, and Gears of War I was torn, but then I picked up Splinter Cell: Double Agent for my son and had a few days to play it before he came home from college that weekend. When he got home I told him he had […]

XBox Live is dead, Long Live XBox Live

Actualmente está en proceso de actualización. Estaremos de regreso próximamente con toda la información que necesitas sobre Xbox, Xbox 360, y tus juegos favoritos. No, no, no… definately not dead, just resting and recharging for bigger and better community gaming action starting soon.

What Games do Your Friends Play?

I knew this existed, and had used it several weeks ago thanks to Major Nelson pointing it out in one of his interviews, but then lost the pointer. 360Leaderboards has a way, albeit just a little complicated, to get a list of all the 360 games that your friends have played. Isn’t that pretty cool […]

Today’s The Day

If you have an Xbox 360 but aren’t yet signed up with Xbox LIVE, today’s the day (yes, Rob, this means you). Today’s the day to get your butt back home, plug that network cable in and get signed up. At least get signed up with a Silver membership. Why today? Easy – to get […]

About My Xbox 360’s Blog

I was trying to explain my Xbox 360’s weblog the other day to someone who insisted that “computer’s don’t think” and kept asking “so who’s really writing that?” I told PirateT7 ‘Don’t make me hurt you!’ and the threat worked… I finally came up with the right explanation: It’s a computerized version of MadLibs.

Crystal Quest

Oh my goodness – as if you didn’t need one, here’s the reason to be looking for an Xbox 360. Major Nelson just broke the news of an upcoming game to be added to the Xbox Live Arcade… none other than Crystal Quest! For those who might not remember, or who weren’t fortunate enough to […]

Rumors of Xbox 360 Shortages

PirateT7I haven’t played much Xbox recently; we’ve been busy and it doesn’t help that the good TV’s out of commission. I’m looking forward to Xbox 360, though we may not get one the first week or two of release – we didn’t pre-order. There are rumors that even those who did pre-order may not get […]

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