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Gaming Decision Made

I made my decision. Between Splinter Cell:Double Agent, Rainbow 6 Vegas, and Gears of War I was torn, but then I picked up Splinter Cell: Double Agent for my son and had a few days to play it before he came home from college that weekend. When he got home I told him he had to buy a copy for himself- I was keeping the copy I’d bought.

Sam FisherI’m really enjoying Double Agent. The solo missions are tough — downright hard — and very good. And I really like the co-op missions (which you get to play in the demo). These are three-person teams playing against AI players; either you’re a set of spies or the folks chosen to defend against spies. Get a couple of friends together and play through the missions as spy first, to learn your way around the various buildings.

There are a whole lot of people diving into Gears of War and Call of Duty 3 today, and that’s cool – there are plenty of games to go around. For now though, I’m happy adding another Splinter Cell to my library.

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