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Be You. Do Good., by Johnathan David Golden

Johnathan David Golden is the founder of Land Of A Thousand Hills coffee, a company who’s tagline “Drink Coffee. Do Good.” is more than a slogan, it defines their mission. Working directly with farmers in war-torn Rwanda, they provide us delicious coffee and the farmers with sustainable, profitable business.

Be You. Do Good.Golden encourages us, in his new book Be You. Do Good.: Having the Guts to Pursue What Makes You Come Alive, to examine our lives and our livelihood. Our work should be an outpouring of our passion, not just something to fill in the day and our bank accounts – “If you try to find all of your meaning or purpose in something you do from 9:00 until 5:00, you’ll be disappointed.”

As a Christian, it’s often tempting to say “I’ll go when God sends me,” but Golden points out that we’re sent every day, and that journeys all begin with a single step. There are some that don’t require that we even know the eventual destination, just an initial inkling of direction.

“You can move. You are not a tree.”

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