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Ready Player One

It’s not often that I post book recommendations here, but here goes one. If you’re a child of the 80’s; if you ever walked into the arcade, dropped a coin in the slot in the slot let the “real world” fade away for a few hours; if you can quote lines — just a few or all of them — from Star Wars, War Games, Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off or Monty Python and the Holy Grail; if your head bops to INXS or you sing along with Duran Duran, then you owe it to yourself to grab this book, right now! As one reviewer over on GoodReads put it, “This book is nostalgia porn.” It’s not great literature, but Ready Player One is a fun, somewhat YA, romp through the things that were so much the background of our childhood.

Ready Player One, by Ernest Cline.

The year is 2045, and the world has finished it’s fast-track slide to the bottom of the heap. Pick any dystopian movie setting; this fits right in. There is one bright spot for people, and that’s that they don’t have to actually spend time there — they can instead put on a headset and live in OASIS, a full-time virtual world. When the creator of the world dies, he leaves behind the ultimate game – with the winner taking his enormous fortune and control of OASIS. And the creator was — wait for it — a huge fan of 1980’s culture, so the game has more references than you can keep up with.

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  1. Oh, swell, now I’m gonna have to read a book. An actual book. I never do that!

    Thanks for the recommendation.

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