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Ride To Work Day, Follow-Up

I work in a 5-story office building which shares the parking lot with another just like it. Ten floors of offices, I’m not sure how many employees work here. On a “normal” spring or summer day there are three bikes in the lot – my FZ-6, a Ninja and a Shadow.

Today is Ride to Work Day, and it’s a beautiful early-summer day too — sunshine, no threat of rain and the temp’s still under 90f — so I was really hoping to see more motorcycles in the lot (and bicycles in the racks). Such was not the case, unfortunately:

FZ-6 on Ride to Work Day A Ninja on Ride to Work Day

I took a quick walk around the lot and this was all I could find… the Ninja rider and I were apparently the only ones braving the sunshine today.

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