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Look Ma - No Hands!


Tonight’s the night fans of LOST, J. J. Abrams’ popular TV series, have long been waiting for. Last night, ABC re-aired the final episode of last season along with “pop-up” messages that were supposed to help viewers who’d not watched the series before. LOST’s John Locke I watched that, but seriously — if you’d never seen LOST before those little messages weren’t going to help.

If you really want to start, you should have probably found somebody with DVDs of the first three seasons and watched those this winter. But there’s not enough time left for that, so… if you’re sitting there with nothing to do today, start with last year’s Newbies Guide to LOST, then hop over to this wiki LOSTpedia entry and click through to each of the episodes listed. You won’t have anywhere near as much fun as watching all 70+ hours, but you’ll (almost) know what’s going on. At least, you might know as much as the rest of us.

In any case, you’ll want to start with Lost: Past, Present and Future which airs tonight at 8pm ET, right before Season 4 Episode 1: The Beginning of the End at 9pm. We’ll be recording ’em both on our DVR and watching when we can.

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