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  1. There isn’t the same kind of blow-you-away difference between the 10D and the 30D as there was for me going from the D30 to the 20D (the 20D and 30D share the same sensor, I believe), but what did you think?

    Unless you’re constraining your budget tightly and need to buy a used 30D, I recommend spending the extra money and getting a 40D new. Image quality isn’t meaningfully different from the 30D from what I can tell, but the user experience seems significantly better.

  2. The real difference, I think, will show up later this weekend. The majority of my photography’s done ‘under the lights’ on high school sports fields. I took a couple quick shots inside last night, at iso1600, and the noise (or lack thereof) is slightly better on the 30. But yea, so far I’m inclined to agree with you – I don’t see a huge difference between images out of the 10 and the 30.

  3. Oh, and the other immediately-obvious-to-me difference is a workflow one… I only have Photoshop CS (not CS2 or CS3), and that won’t read raw files from the 30D. I had to download Adobe’s DNG Converter and use that on all the images before I can start my work. Not a big deal, but it’s a difference.

  4. There is a significant difference in the quality of the output between ACR in Photoshop CS and the one in CS2 and certainly in CS3. That’s a consideration, too.

  5. I’d gladly accept any cast off 10d or 20d :)

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