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On October 30, 1998 Hurricane Mitch struck Central America. Almost 3000 people were killed around Chinandega, Nicaragua, and entire villages disappeared under volcanic mudslides. The government was unable to to provide much for the people and over 300 of the surviving families were move to what little land was available – on top of a huge trash dump. Amigos for Christ has been working since 1999 to move them and help rebuild the community of Villa Catalina.

The people of Villa Catalina have been working together alongside Amigos’ volunteers, building houses — not knowing until it was finished which family would live there, a decision made by lottery in exchange for a certain number of hours of community service. The homes are 25’x25′ three room buildings with concrete walls, some with as many as 8 people living there with a small stove and a garden out back.

Today, teens and adults from St. Thomas visited the previous “home” of so many — the dump — then set to work. They worked on a medical center, and church, as well as painting houses and playing with kids in broken Spanish.

Today was, in their leader’s words on the phone, “a really an amazing day.”

Many thanks to all of you who helped make this trip possible, through your prayers and financial support.

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  1. Good information. Gives me a better understanding of what is happening and why.

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