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Open letter to Capital One

To the officers and marketing director at Capital One:

Go away. Stop bothering me. I don’t want your credit card. My wife doesn’t want your credit card. My children don’t want your credit card. Above all I don’t want the advertisements and “pre-approved offers” your company is dropping into my mailbox almost every day. If I didn’t reply, didn’t accept the first 100 you sent, what makes you think I’ll reply positively to the 101st? or 102nd? Just stop already, enough is enough.

Your seemingly-endless stream of crap in my mailbox is doing nothing positive for your company’s image. You’re becoming the laughing stock of the early 2000’s mailbox, just as AOL was in the 1990s with thier endless disks.

Just go away.


  1. Hey!

    I was having the same deal…it doesn’t happen anymore…you can call this number and you don’t get any unsolicited offers. I get about a 10th of the mail I used to get.


    You can read about it here…

  2. Good luck calling the opt out – their voice recognition software is awful – it took over 15-20 minutes trying to get it to understand my voice – eventually we gave up. However, I think you can also do it by mail.

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