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Got Firebug?

Web developers, have you looked into and downloaded Firebug yet? I just came across a mention of it on Matt’s weblog and it certainly looks worth a good look or three. Integrating live website editing — CSS, HTML, Javascript — fight into Firefox! Watch Jesse Newland’s screencast and I think you’ll be as interested as I am.

There are still many whole-site managment features that Dreamweaver has that Firebug doesn’t appear to, but I’m wondering… could this be the open-source project that puts a dent in for DW and other “full-featured” web development tools?

[later] see comments from Firebug creator Joe Hewitt.

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  1. Firebug isn’t really designed to replace creation tools like Dreamweaver. It’s a place to experiment, debug, and learn lessons that you can take back to your text editor. I wouldn’t rule out better editing features for the future, but I’d prefer to keep Firebug simple and focused on solving problems rather than creating them. :)

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