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Song Lyric of the Week Answer #4

Two guys were quick on the lyric-trigger finger this week. Both Geren, in (Columbia?) Maryland (and best man at my wedding twenty years ago) and Tommy, from Bellview Washginton, sent in the right answer and were only minutes apart. Yesterday’s song lyric was of course from Elvis Costello’s What’s So Funny (‘Bout Peace, Love and Understanding).

It’s been a while, and the old site where I told this story once before is long gone, but I remember coming across a guy on TV one day, singing a song that was so touching and I had no idea who he was. The song turned out to be Veronica and the artist was a guy who I’d never thought to listen to, assuming for some unknown reason that I didn’t like his music – but boy was I wrong.

Incidentally, Elvis has a new DVD out, released a week or so ago; footage of a Montreal concert and collaboration with New Orleans musician Allen Toussaint – it looks (and I’m sure sounds) good.

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