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Lego and Star Wars – A Great Combination

A big thank you goes out to John Porcaro, for giving me a nudge. I had seen talk about LEGO® Star Wars® II: The Original TrilogyScreenshot from Lego Star Wars II in various forums, but hadn’t really thought much about it. The other evening I saw an ad on TV that made it look pretty cool, and then John poked me via IM and asked if was going to get it. I went an looked a bit more and then last night grabbed it from Blockbuster – and boy am I glad I did. (When the rental period was over, we went and bought a copy, too.)

This is a great game! It’s fun to play, has some really funny and irreverent cut scenes (I can’t believe that Lucas approved all of it. “You have to ask yourself how did they get away with this? Surely LucasArts normally go mad at people playing with their property?” says OXM UK’s review) and in-game sets, and it’s a wonderful game to play – with the kids or just being a kid yourself. Haven’t we all, for decades now, wanted to rescue the princess and blow up the Death Star?

Besides, just how often do you get to see Chewbacca trying to wear a stormtrooper helmet?

The short version: this is easily the best family game available for consoles today.

(btw, Lego Star Wars II is available for PlayStation as well as XBox and XBox 360 consoles.)

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