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Tully Mars

I’ve been asked by a few folks where the name for my new PowerBook came from.

World, meet my new PowerBook, named TullyMars.

First of all, for all the Windows users in the audience, it’s been a long tradition for Mac people to name their computers. Windows systems do have names, but PC users normally only notice them if they’re activly sharing files; I’d guess that most PC users don’t know what the “Computername” of their system is without checking, and that a good percentage wouldn’t know where to check. But anyway, most Macs and some Windows PCs are creativly named.

Tully Mars is a character from couple of my favorite books, first in Jimmy Buffett‘s Tales From Margaritaville and more recently in A Salty Piece of Land. If you’ve not read either, I recommend reading them in order. It’s not necessary, but they’ll flow nicely if you do.

Tales is a collection of short stories, several of which are about Tully. A cowboy and ranch-hand, Tully has always dreamed of the sea. One winter day he finds that the ranch has been sold and his first meeting with the new owner makes it very clear to him that he’s not going to enjoy the change. Tully lets the owner know just where she and her poodles can put themselves, loads his horse Mr. Twain into a trailer and heads for points south. Along the way he has some fine adventures and meets some colorful characters, but that’s just the beginning.

A Salty Piece of Land picks up with Tully living his Cowboy in the Jungle life and brings us up to date quickly. His adventures continue, as do the list of oddball situations and characters – many of which will again feel familiar to fans of Buffett’s songs.

I strongly recommend both books, especially if you can find a warm weekend to enjoy them properly – relaxed with some tunes in the background and a Margarita in your hand.

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