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Welcome, Fr3der1cK

Fr3der1cKFriday I had the good fortune of being asked to help build a new website/weblog, and so yesterday was a pretty darn productive day*.

Please welcome Fr3der1cK to the world of blogging. As with so many sites, the design and coding aren’t 100% complete done for launch — the web is as “finished” on any given day as it was the day before — but things are coming along quite nicely I think.

* And I’m happy when I can have a productive day. Most of my days at my “real job” fall well short of productive, especially since most of my time is spent working on projects which are doomed — everyone knows that there’s no funding and/or no support to get them completed, but nobody’s got the guts to tell their boss’ boss that we’re all wasting our time and the company’s money. grrrrr.

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