This week’s Photo Friday Challenge (thank you, Geren, for the pointer) is “One.”

picture of a solitary high school football player on the sideline
click on the image for a larger version

This image breaks the “rule of thirds” and probably other conventions as well, but as a first entry I think it’ll do. Standing alone, this picture of a high school football player gives the viewer no clue about what else is going on – is this before, during or after the game; are they winning or loosing or just practicing? The details are left for you to fill in with your own imagination or memory.

Today also marks my first day as a “real” freelance photographer, having just talked with the managing editor of the local newspaper last night. Starting with tonight’s football game, I’ll be rushing back home, editing and submitting high school sports photos for submission. No, financial freedom and retirement will not be imminent.