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This is a reconstruction of a post from my first blog,, with text pulled from The Wayback Machine

Posted by Steven, 3/20/00 at 2:33:53 PM.

I’m in Houston TX this week and without connection much of the time, so updates will likely be fairly irregular.

The Scout Show was great, by the way.

Here’s a story that Robert wrote for his class last Friday.

The Troble With Catching a Leprechaun

Written & Illastrated By Robert

Chapter 1: A Great Discovery

Once apon a time I was walking along when I heard a noise from behind a bush .So as you can guess, I went over and looked. As I pulled back the bushes I could see it was a wee little leprechaun! He was polishing away at a pile of dirty, brown shoes. “A leprechaun!” I whisperd to myself.” I’ve got to catch him” But how? every body knows leprechauns are very tricky. I looked at him again. “Discusting!” He was saying “I’ll polish every single boot in the world if nobody else does, because I hate muddy, dull shoes!” This gave me an idea. Slowly I figured it out. It might work!

Chapter 2: A Plan for the Better

The next day I woke up with an angry feeling. When I remembered the leprechaun, that feeling went away as quick as a cheetah. Then I thought should I really catch him? Yes. No. Yes. No. I finnaly decided to catch him. I could use the money from his pot of gold. So I took the oldest pair of boots I had and started out the door.

Chapter 3:Catching,Catching

I took the boots to a little swamp called Swamp Buggy. I worked for over a hour, getting them as dirty as possible. Then I went back to the place were I first saw the leprechaun. As I pulled back the bushes, they made a rustling noise. The leprechaun looked up from his polishing. I quickly closed the bushes. I decided I had to find a different place to spy on him from. I went around the bushes as quietly as I could. I found a spot behind some trees. Now I could see him. He was on his 3rd to last shoe. “This is my chance” I muttered.

Chapter 4: The Trap

I went a little ways toward him, then about 20 steps right. When I got to a little hill I put my mud-caked, icky shoe on top of it, and hid behind it. It was aproxametly 5 minutes till’ I heard him coming, singing “I’m off to find a dirty shoe, an ugly, dirty shoe!” To the tune of ‘I’m off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Oz’. When he saw my shoe he let out a deafening scream! “EEEEEKKKKKK!!!!” I heard him running my way as fast as he could. When I thought it was time I jumped over the hill to catch him. It didn’t work. In fact, I flew right over the leprechaun, and landed on my rear-end! “OOFF!!” I grunted as I landed. He saw me, grabbed my shoe, turned around, and started running as fast as he could!

Chapter 5: Chase # 1

I chased him back past the trees I had hid in, past the place where he had sat polishing, and back around the buses I had first seen this annoying little leprechaun. When I thought I was close enough I leaped again. No better luck this time. I landed short. My bottom got a spanking from the rough, cement, sidewalk. “OOFF” I cried out for the 2nd time. Now do you know what that little rascal of a leprechaun did? No?, O.K. I’ll tell you! He stopped, turned around, dropped my shoe, and started to laugh!! So I got up, brushed myself off, and gabbed him! I ran to my friend Julie’s house, and showed it to her. She was hysterical!! She started jumping around, and sceaming like she got a 3rd degree burn!! Suddenly she stopped, tuned to the leprechaun, and asked “Where’s the pot of gold?”

Chapter 6: The Runaway Leprechaun (or Chase #2)

“I can only tell me catcher.” Was his only reply. “Oh well.” She said. ” I have to finish my homework anyway.” After she went inside, I asked the same question. “Where’s the gold!” “Let me go and I shall lead you to it” He said. Oh, how I wish I didn’t, for the instant I let go he started running away! I ran after him, back to the place I caught him, around the bushes, past the polishing place, and past the trees I had hid in. When I thought for sure I was close enough, up into the air I went, and down on the ground I plopped. “This is getting annoying.” I grumbuled. I got up for the 3rd time, but this time I just started chasing. When we got to the hill, I acsadentaly tripped on it. My legs hit the leprechaun, knocking him out. ” Well what do you know?” I awed in amazement. So I picked him up, and went home.

Chapter 7: The Happy Ending (for me at least)

When he woke up he started wiggling to get free. I held him down. “Where’s the gold?” I asked in a stern voice. “Let me go and I shall…..Oh, I already used that trick on you.” He said as he stopped wiggling. “Oh all right, I shall show you where it is.” So he showed me, and whenever I see a leprechaun again I just smile and remember that story.


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