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Look Ma - No Hands!

Google Music All Access Radio Stations

I’ve been giving Google’s streaming-music, the somewhat awkwardly-named Google Music All Access service, a try ever since the announcement at IO. For the most part I like it, and I’ll likely move to it full-time (especially given the news of an iOS app soon), though I haven’t really figured out the dual nature of it, […]

Why not sleep?

In my last post, about test automation, I wrote about using sleep : “Bad, bad, bad. Don’t do this.” But why not? Well, the way I was doing it there — until d.exists? — really wasn’t that horrible. What you really want to stay away from, and what I’ve seen people start out with, is […]

Casting Off

My exit paperwork is done. My laptop is wiped. My email account is disabled. My badge is turned in. I have cast off the lines, set sail, and await the wind.  I’ve left a company I’ve known for almost five years. The product is a good one, being built and sold by good people. As […]

How To Watch

Sean W. writes: I’ve been busy working on a new business: How to Watch. This new business aims to help people find where a movie or TV show is available via online streaming (e.g. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant or iTunes). I got sick of having to search on each of the platforms to find “my […]

Watchlist, a Wishlist for Instant Video

So you’re talking with a friend, or overhearing a conversation in Twitter, and someone mentions a TV show or movie that sounds interesting. What’s a good way to remember it for later, in a service that’s easy and relativly inexpensive? Enter Amazon Instant Video’s Watchlist feature. Hop over to Amazon and search for a movie, […]

TDD is a Habit

Up-front admission: I am not “a software developer.” I dabble in software development. I work with software developers; I test and support their code and, though I write some code (and some of that has even shipped to customers as part of various products) I am not “officially” a developer. I don’t even play one […]

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