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You’re back at at school, you’re writing. You’re at work, you’re writing. You’re sitting at the keyboard staring at your empty blog, you’re writing. But what kind of writing are you doing?

Coffee, the Net, and (not or) People

NY Times: Some Cafe Owners Pull the Plug on Lingering Wi-Fi Users. Ms. Strongin and her staff said they were more concerned that the cafe, in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, had turned into a place devoid of sound except the light clack of keys, not the focus of lively interaction that she and her husband, […]

Just Write It

Woah. I just came across this in an old draft that I apparently never finished for posting: I don’t remember if I’ve recently pointed to Mark Bernstein’s 10 Tips on Writing the Living Web or not, thanks to Alwin for reminding us of it: …a great guide for anyone who is either starting to write […]

Blog This

A few years of weblogging… using Frontier/Manila since 28-Feb-2000, then Radio Userland starting in 2002. (And now as of 8/2005 everything good’s been moved to Blogger. Some of those links no longer exist and some have been rebuilt with the new tools.)

Quote This

Simon Willison on valid XHTML You can’t put a blockquote inside a paragraph, but you can (and indeed should) put a paragraph inside a blockquote.” Ouch, I’m embarrassed by how long I’ve been getting that wrong.

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