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Knowledge is Flow

Dina on KM: “the very fact that its called Knowledge Management irks me – how can something like “knowledge” be “managed” – knowledge is flow.“ Right On. “[S]haring what you know is more important than the knowledge itself.” [16-Jan] Sharing, the flow of ideas and information amongst people, can be “managed” no more than water, […]


Reflection is known by other names, including “Thorns and Roses,” “Retrospectives,” “Post-event Review.” We can make our experiences more meaning and effective if we reflect on them afterwards. Reflection is simply the process of talking, sharing experiences immediately after an event or activity. Reflection provides an opportunity for everyone in the group to have input. […]

Corporate Culture-Shifting

Back on the seventh, I asked if sharing is natural, and pondered if perhaps some of us have been trying too hard to take the direct approach, holding classes and running reports while “implementing” a new “methodology.” This past weekend, sitting around the campfire watching our Scouts cook their dinners, I had the opportunity to […]

Is Knowledge Sharing Natural?

“The most direct approach isn’t always the best.” So says the Chinese-cookie fortune that I’ve got taped to my display. It jumps out at me this morning as I browse the weblogs of two gentlemen for whom information flow is a normal course of nature. “…as I entered the business world, it simply made no […]

Measuring Knowledge Workers

Last week I mentioned the importance of good “metrics” when managing Knowledge Workers. This week that came home to roost, as I had to provide input for yearly performance reviews on individuals, managers, and groups. Since the beginning of our KM journey, we’ve been talking about the behaviors we want to encourage. Sharing of knowledge […]

Knowledge Management Metrics

…plans to implement knowledge management often require prior exercises in changing corporate culture, moving employees from a gatekeeper culture, where knowledge is kept hidden and produced only when it can enhance the employee’s value, to a sharing culture, where knowledge sharing is encouraged and rewarded. [A.Wohl] This is absolutely true, without a doubt. The other […]

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