Baseball Pictures

It’s been a few weeks since I posted any sports photos, and my son’s baseball team has been doing well this week, so it’s time once again. These are from Tuesday evening’s game. As usual, you can click on any image to see a larger version.

James slides into third

Here’s my son sliding into third base, right before scoring his first run of the season (he scored again in last night’s game).

Here comes the pitch

I managed to find a slot between the fence and fencepost, right behind the batter, to come up with this picture. I’m really happy with this shot even though it doesn’t show our player’s face.

batter hitting the ball

This one’s all timing; just keep one eye on the viewfinder and the other on the pitcher, and practice just as the batters do.

Tornados In The Atlanta Area

We’re back, and I’ll be posting stories and pictures of our trip over the next few days, but what a sight we returned to. Along with AL and TN, the Atlanta GA area got hit by a powerful set of storms and a few tornados as well. The building — or what’s left of it — shown in this article is less than 4 miles from our home.

Several trees in our neighborhood were toppled, including this one right across our driveway…

Tree Down
(click on the picture for a larger one)

…but the neighbors all rallied together in the morning and got the driveways and streets open pretty quickly.

Tree Down II
(click on the picture for a larger one)

There are still plenty of roads and businesses closed, and the sound of chainsaws echos across the area.

Weekend Sports Photography

I added two more sports to my photography repertoire this weekend at Wills Park


Baseball’s a sport I know, though I’m working on finding the “sweet spots” from which to photograph the action. I’m pretty much clueless about Equestrian sports though – I just know to stay out of the way of the horses

Let ’em Know You Care

As the nation pauses today to remember the attack on Perl Harbor, let’s also take some time to think of our currently-serving troops. It really doesn’t matter if you agree with President Bush’s policy or not, the fact is that the guys and gals are there – thousands of miles from home – while most of us are snug in our homes and getting ready for the upcoming holidays.

Our friend, currently serving in Iraq
An 18 year-old friend of mine. Six months ago he was graduating from high school and working on his Eagle Scout project. Now he’s a Lance Corporal in the Marine Corps, serving in Iraq.

If you don’t have a family member in the service, ask around – it’s likely that one of your friends, co-workers or fellow students does. Find out what they need “over there” and put a care package together. Get a nice card and take some time to write a heartfelt note. If you honestly can’t find anyone, check out Any Soldier and similar groups.

As they say, though, “this is about SUPPORT, not just STUFF!
A LETTER, from you, your children, the kids at church or school, is THE BEST THING to send.
A show of personal support is far better than spending a bunch of money that you don’t have.”

Friday Night Football

High School football games here are on Friday nights, but the local paper doesn’t come out until the following Thursday. You’d think that gives me plenty of time to get my pictures ready, but not really. They want to put the paper to bed by Monday afternoon in order to send it to the printers, so they want my images submitted by Sunday morning – earlier if at all possible.

That means that after the players have hit the showers and the band’s got their instruments packed away, I’m downloading images from my camera and starting the selection and editing process.

Last week I submitted two images, one made last night’s paper:

click image to see the newspaper article, while it’s still available.

I had also submitted this picture of the the defense, but since Milton lost perhaps they decided that it wasn’t a good idea to show them. Or maybe they just didn’t have space – this is a pretty tight-budget, advertising-sponsored paper. As the managing editor told me, “every picture I want to include is taking the space of an ad – and pictures don’t bring in revenue.”