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links for 2007-05-05

PBS Bill Moyer’s Journal – Buying The War “In the lead-up to the invasion of Iraq, the US government’s claims about weapons of mass destruction and terrorist ties to Saddam Hussein went mostly unchallenged by the media. Four years after ‘shock and awe,’ how the government sold the war has been mu (tags: journalism)

links for 2007-04-30

Microsoft Customer Service has lost a loyal customer After his fourth Xbox 360 dies, Eric’s not a happy camper (tags: Xbox360 microsoft) Blind Date: Games Edition Ok, so this post is a bit cheesy. But how many games do you buy without a good demo first… and isn’t that a bit like a blind date? […]

links for 2007-04-26

Renting vs. Buying Remind me to check out Gamefly (tags: Xbox360 Videogame) America at a Crossroads | PBS NPR : Bill Moyers, Back on the Beat “Buying the War” Dan Heller on Keywording and the future of stock photography (tags: photography tagging)

links for 2007-04-21

Forza Motorsport 2: The Car List (So Far!) Cars, cars, cars, and more cars – there are 310 of them to be in Forza 2, scheduled to be shipping soon. (tags: Xbox360 Racing Driving Videogame) Sanders Says: Don’t live on poison Next week will/can/must be a better week. It’s your thought. Brian Oberkirch on reducing […]

links for 2007-04-15

Get Word To Help You Stop Writing In Passive Voice ~ Windows Fanatic (tags: Writing MSWord) Sanders Says: Bring a timer to your next meeting (tags: business) Google Reader a good alternative to stand-alone RSS Aggregators, especially for someone who travels and may be on different computers each day. (tags: rss news google blog) Images: […]

links for 2007-04-01

A conversation with Phil Libin about REAL ID « Jon Udell “The basics of asymmetric cryptography are fundamental concepts that any member of society who wants to understand how the world works, or could work, needs to understand.” (tags: cryptography RealID) REAL ID Act – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (tags: RealID)

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